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iRobot. The pioneer of consumer robotics best known for their automatic vacuum cleaner.




Rethink Robotics was created by the co-founder of iRobot who was already well aware of hurdles with manufacturing process. Can they bring production to a new level? Gauge yourself.



DJ Sures is an educational robotics enthusiast from Canada. For myself, I imagine him as real-life Luke Skywalker. That is, he was many years ago. Now he is Robot Overlord, CEO of EZ-Robot. His Easy Robots have a rich set of hardware components, control software, and support community.



7Bot: a $350 Robotic Arm that can See, Think and Learn! (Kickstarter)

The group of robot fans set the goal to make robots more accessible for everyone.

Of course, the price on their site is higher - $1.777, but still much cheaper than $25000 of RethinkRobotics (2015.12.16).

As expected, this product vanished, but the link is still active (2018.12.26). Now they sell All-In-One Desktop Pen Plotter, Laser Cutter and Engraver for Makers and Artists.




Text to image

WordsEye is a beta web app that creates a 3D image from the description in the form of natural language text.




Neural nets


The company headquartered in Vienna, Austria addresses the problem of semantic representation in Natural Language Processing. Their core technology, the Retina API, is commercially available and can be trained in any language.



Computer vision

Want to learn it? Contact Adrian Rosebrock from


He is a well educated guy and an active promoter of this technology.