Here you can download demo version of NB without limitations of functionality. The difference is in the license. If you purchase the program, it is possible to resell it.


System requirements

The program works under Windows 32 bit. Windows 2000, Windows XP, and later versions.


Procedure of installation creates the program group and puts the shortcut on the Desktop.

Download the self-extracting archive. Run it. Follow the instructions.


                  What's new? A robot that can play ball.

   Download      NB 5.23 The timestamp of the EXE file: 11.16.2020 09:41


Help file for Windows 10, NB 5.1.




Silk Road is the ready knowledge base that provides natural language dialogue about the ancient trade route. It spanned thousands of kilometres and existed for more than a millenium. Really, there is what to talk about. View slides and ask questions.

                  What's new? Sogdiana - a nation that linked East and West.

   Download      Silk Road 1.4 Released 08.31.2015


Perception is a stand-alone program which may be used as an extension for WinNB and provides functionality of computer vision using the popular library OpenCV.

                  What's new? Color processing.

   Download      Perception 1.31 Released 03.31.2019


     You can also download from the popular site of CNet.

Get it from CNET!         NB Get it from CNET!         Silk Road



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