Graphical user interface

Natural language is a user interface by itself, but under our operating systems it is possible to use it in conjunction with a graphical user interface. Dialogs, graphics, pictures − all this is present, but the main element is text editor.



Compare browsing a database via graphical interface and via language interface. The first method involves two steps:

1. Fill in a template.



2. Browse records clicking buttons on the graphical dialog.



With the second method, use 'Command' window and write your queries there.




Natural language interface is especially useful for robotics. If machines are poised to work in real-world conditions, complexity will increase sharply and it is difficult to formalize. Flexibility and scalability of natural language helps to cope with this. The program uses NB virtual machine and drawing capabilities so as to implement robotics modelling. Design your control framework and debug it without hardware, then link to your drivers via TCP/IP.



This output was generated by the example program described in Help\Applications\Behavior.







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