Knowledge base shell NB              $300



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Hardware and software of the brain              $10

E-book in pdf format. This is readable in all major devices connected to Internet and addressed mainly to programmers which work with neural nets and want to know more about the prototype. What should you expect in this book? Essentially, the same that you can read in the open articles on this site, only in expanded volume. You will learn basics of brain anatomy and get more thorough discussion of functional organization. 2019.05.10 the new chapter called Processor of the brain was added. Read how the limbic system manages primitive reflexes and adds soul to the brain machine. The book has 14 illustrations. Its file size is 2.4 Mb.


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Neanderthal theory of Indoeuropeans              $10

The premium version of Silk Road. The new chapter was added. Neanderthals immediately preceded us in the chain of evolving hominids. What was their fate? The goal of this work is to prove that the roots of civilization lead to Europe. Neanderthals laid the foundation. They mixed with the next generations, formed the ruling class over them, and disseminated civilization worldwide.

Robotics Sandbox              $20

You will get a complete development environment where you can create AI-powered automatic control systems. This environment includes modelling of real world. The robots will be able to manipulate simple geometric figures. If you have robotics hardware, it is explained how to link your program to it. You can attach the manipulator vertically, to the ceiling or horizontally, to the wall. It also has an improved physics engine. The new version demonstrates how to add human conscience to a robot that can play ball.



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