Two levels of semantics

What is meaning? Read about semantics and various forms of its representation.


Theory of cognitive regulation

Human brain is a live control system. Does it have some kind of computer and how to describe it in terms of cybernetics?


Principles of neurocomputing

What is computer of the brain? What brain structures does it include, how are they linked to each other, and how to understand its operation?


Interactive Automaton - formalism of neurocomputing

The standard formalism for a Finite-State Automaton is undoubtedly correct, but very inconvenient for some cases. It is perfect for modelling in general, but when it comes to modelling a real machine, the formalism of an Interactive Automaton is better.




Rational theory of human needs

Needs drive human behavior. They are divided into biological (inborn) and cultural (acquired). Look how this tree grows from scratch.



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