WinNB 5.23. A new solution added to Robotics Sandbox. A robot that can play ball.



WinNB 5.22. Improved syntax processing that makes using variables with natural language more convenient. Improved commands for manipulating facts and rules make the system ready for self-programming. 'forget sentence:' removed; instead, 2 commands which work with rules from rules ('insert:' and 'delete:') were added. 'forecast:' now processes only heads of rules with the future tense. Other functional elements are ignored here and may be used as a stub. Add them to the end of the body. The main addition of this version is a new application. Volterra equations.



WinNB 5.21. Several bugs were fixed. For example, #cut() worked incorrectly if it was the last in a rule.



WinNB 5.2. In this version, some improvements to syntax were added. Now it is more convenient for storytelling. The system can understand old programs, but they will be compiled into a different semantic representation. Also it includes the next version of Robotics Sandbox. Yet another machine is added. This time, the robot can move around a flat and bring various objects to the user.



Perception 1.31. Calculate color histogram, detect peaks manually or auto, then extract parts of the image which have this color. The whole process may be conveniently managed using the dialog for parameters setting.



Perception 1.3. This version adds more figures to recognition from the laptop camera. Now it can understand basic shapes of any size, in any part of the image, and turned. You can also control which intermediate results will be displayed in additional windows.



Perception 1.2. Fast neural nets. Read in Help the principles of how to do it, then try the ready solution with live video.



Perception 1.1. Integrated pipeline of computer vision. You can try recognition of simple figures using embedded camera of laptop. The distribution package includes pretrained neural net in a big file of approximately 200 Mb. Nevertheless such files are half-empty and their compression ratio is close to 100%.



Perception 1.0 is an external module for WinNB. It provides computer vision functionality using the OpenCV library and offers several methods including neural nets. The program is especially useful for educational purposes because it outputs windows with various intermediate results.



Several non-critical errors were detected in the latest distributive of WinNB 5.1. Download the corrected variant. The timestamp of nb_distr_d.exe should be 11.15.2016 13:06. The version of the program and the main EXE file remain the same.



NB 5.1. Robotics Sandbox. For the description, see Help\Applications. There is directory RSandbox which contains corresponding programs. Start WinNB. Use menu Browse\Command\Notebook. Click in the Command window. Open the file which you need and follow the instructions in comments.



NB 5.0. Behavior demo application shows how to implement a virtual robot which operates in the space of 2D objects. Also the method of indexing was changed in this version so previous knowledge bases should be recompiled.



NB 4.6. 2D drawing. Create various illustrations using natural language scripting. Standard geometric shapes, colors, and superimposed text are available. Also, starting from this, free version won't be released simultaneously. Instead, the price of the premium program is dropped dramatically. Buy the workable programming language for just $10. The fully functional demo version will be available with a delay of several weeks.



Version 1.4 of Silk Road. Sogdiana - Central Asian nation that linked East and West on Silk Road. History, geography, tourist destinations.



Version 4.56 of NB supports fast indexed search. This works for question answering and during automatic reasoning as well. As a result, it is possible to work with large knowledge bases now.



A bulk of new features in the version 4.55 of NB. The program now supports networking over TCP/IP. Computers can talk to each other in natural language at any distance from a small home Local Area Network to the global-wide Internet. Of course, direct chat between their users is supported too. In fact, the language of NB may be used as NLIP - Natural Language Internet Protocol in place of HTTP.

Improved debugger now outputs full logical expressions and makes it possible to scroll in the Command window so that you can trace the program and browse its source code.

Also look through the new example application on modelling.



Version 1.31 of Silk Road is a standalone program. It includes the NB shell so the second installation isn't necessary anymore. Download the distributive, install it, and watch the slide show in a few clicks. Also, some files of pictures were absent in the previous version. This is fixed now.



Version 1.3 of Silk Road. Chapter about the ancient country of Bactria. Greeks established the kingdom there. Was it also visited by legendary Dionysus?



Version 4.53 of NB. Bug fixed. The previous version generated wrong output for some sentences containing modal verbs or verbs "have", "be".



Version 1.22 of Silk Road. The active table of contents in SILKROAD_USE.SCP. It consists of meaningful sentences so that you can read it as usual, but they also are workable commands. Click GO at any, and the program will run appropriate actions.



Version 4.52 of NB. Natural logic. Read in 'Help'\'Semantics'\'Natural logic' how the approach of the formal logic to 'and', 'or', 'not' is different from that received in the practice of the human language. Also includes the discussion of 'but'.



Version 4.51 of NB. Support of modal verbs is implemented by parsing of the infinitive in place of the direct object. The same method handles constructs like "want tu do". Note that the infinitive particle is spelled as "tu". This makes it possible to avoid ambiguity with the preposition "to". Also internal structures of the knowledge base are changed. The previous syntax remains workable, but texts should be recompiled. The ready knowledge base of Silk Road 1.2 will not work with this version. You can either download Silk Road 1.21 which is the same script recompiled for NB 4.51 or consult README.TXT and recompile it yourself.



Version 4.5 of NB. The virtual machine is implemented as a finite-state automaton with the content of the knowledge base defining its state.



Version 1.2 of Silk Road. Chinese section of overland route from the capital Changan to the foothills of Pamir mountains.



Version 4.46 of NB. Now all the procedural operators work both in compiled and interpreted modes. Also in this version some bugs with parsing of the passive voice and adverbial modifier of manner were fixed.



Version 4.45 of NB. Support for complex sentences. Try: they came to their friends|, when (the sun was near the horizon), because they drove in their car, for the whole day. The vertical bar and parentheses are used to cope with the ambiguity of the human language.



Version 4.44 of NB. The passive voice is when the direct object becomes the subject. Now the program can understand that the sentences: "Nick bought smartphone" and "smartphone was bought by Nick" have the same meaning.



Version 1.11 of Silk Road. Preset for the simplified start. This version also installs pictures into separate directories.



Version 4.43 of NB. Each knowledge base uses several files which may be dispersed among various directories. If the full path of a file is specified, this will not pose a problem, but for the purpose of distribution, it is often useful to specify the relative path and subdirectories. That's why the directory management is needed.



Version 4.42 of NB. Simplified start. Check the menu item Settings\Simplified start. It will ask a script file name. The next time you start the program, use File\Dialogue to start the language interface and automatically run the specified script.



Demo version of NB has no limitations of functionality.



Version 4.41 of NB. Updates to the 'chapter' command. The previous version can output only statements. Also it can't tell, "they will go." It reads such a sentence, but writes back, "they go." Now the program supports all 3 types of sentences (statement, question, order) and the future tense.



Version 1.1 of Silk Road. The long maritime route added. This route went from Korea to East Africa along the coast of Asia. Port cities, culture, religion, wild nature. Many slides with short commentaries to them and to the places involved.



Starting from NB version 4.4 internal structures of the knowledge base are changed. The previous syntax remains workable, but texts should be recompiled.














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