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We use natural language every day for communication, learning, management, and many other purposes. Can we do it with computers? Why not?

NB is a knowledge base shell with the natural syntax. It supports an extensive structure for simple sentences, such as statements, questions, orders as well as rules and other useful constructs. Also it supports complex English sentences. NB has the mechanism of logical reasoning upon these data. Fill it with your own knowledge and communicate as with the friend. In addition, the simple internal database is available and you can use natural language as the programming language for it. Several examples are included.

The human-like virtual machine provides a convenient framework for communication. Using it, the developer is able not to think about system-level details and concentrate efforts on knowledge management and behavioral aspects of the application.

Natural language scripting is a convenient approach to drawing. Version 4.6 adds appropriate functions so you can easily arrange drawing with natural language interface for your users and yourself. Create diagrams, charts, and general-purpose pictures using standard geometric shapes, colors, and superimposed text.

The language of NB consists not only of human syntax. It also includes rules and statements of traditional programming. Robotics Sandbox is a development environment where you can design complete artificial intelligence applications. It was created with STEM education in mind. Robotics Sandbox leverages the NB virtual machine for 3 purposes. 1. To create a workable real-time robotics control. 2. To emulate mechanics of manipulators. 3. To provide a physical model of the environment. Instead of working with complicated robots, write and debug your program in the virtual environment first. Then link it to a controller of real hardware via TCP/IP.



WinNB 5.1. Robotics Sandbox. Debug your application in virtual environment.


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